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Monday, July 18, 2016 @ 7 pm

The Upper Valley Economic Council was formed in 1999 to address concerns with the future of a local employer. The Council was created to represent a number of communities, which would be directly affected by the closure of this business. Original members of the council were the four towns of Sherman, Patten, Stacyville, and Mount Chase. UVEC  now represents and is funded by Stacyville & Sherman.The Council decided to focus on two aspects of economic development, marketing the area for new business and working with local people to help them start a new business. Vision Statement: “UVEC will create, within its member communities, the best possible environment for local investment and entrepreneurial activity. UVEC will foster pride and confidence from residents, businesses and municipal leaders by focusing on the positive attributes of the area. UVEC will assist and support existing business expansion, while promoting the area to those new industries that are ecologically sustainable, and complement the valued aspects of the local lifestyle. UVEC will utilize the area’s strategic location as the North Entrance to Baxter State Park, its unique natural resources, scenic vistas and industrious work force in its efforts to preserve, protect and improve opportunities for young and old through strategically planned, thoughtfully implemented economic development.” Who We Are: UVEC is comprised of a five man Board of Directors and a Chairman. There can be three Board of Directors representating a Town. The Town selects the representatives at their annual Town Meeting. The Town also votes to fund UVEC at their annual Town Meeting. UVEC employs one person who is the Office Manager. The Office Manager handles the day to day operations.

UVEC Officers

  • Chairman: Chris Smith
  • Treasurer: John Qualey
  • Secretary: Alvin Theriault
  • Office Manager: Jeff Packard
  • Board of Directors
  • Steve Gould: Sherman
  • Lois Eash: Sherman
  • John Qualey: Sherman
  • Julie Johnston: Stacyville
  • Alvin Theriault: Stacyville
  • Harold Skane: Stacyville
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